About Bill’s Metal Creations

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About Bill’s Metal Creations

Custom Made USA, Florida!

Meet Bill!

I’m Bill and I was born in Ohio and moved with my family to Florida at a young age. After high school I worked odd jobs in construction. I have always been handy; I worked 10 years as an electrician and 28 years ago I was offered a job as a computer technician. I have worked for the same company, through many buy outs, ever since. I chose to retire at the end of 2019 and began work on what I am passionate about. I love making art in a different way. I taught myself to weld a long time ago and have been stocking up on inventory for years and years. From fixing my kids bikes to building something around the house, I have a lot of scrap metal. I see potential in every piece of metal to be something beautiful.

I hope you enjoy my unique perspective!